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Linux programming

I am developing software for Linux operating system for some time now. I started with Red Hat Linux 7.2 when I was on grammar school and I've been developing various tools to make some things easier. Unfortunately most of those tools were not backed up and since laptop hard-drive is very fragile I don't have many of those tools now because of my disk crashed several time. I have created a FUSE MySQL Connection in C programming language recently that allows limited but working implementation of mounting MySQL database as a file system under the specified user. The file size means the total row size and the directory size equals to number of tables in selected database or number of databases in the MySQL system connected to this mountpoint.

FUSE MySQL Connector source-code

If you wish to contribute to the project you can either write a feedback to me or you can download my source code and edit it. If somebody would be interested in contributing to the project's code I can put this on gitorious and give developers access including the commit rights.