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On 27. May 2004 I finished the grammar (secondary) school in Svitavy, Czech Republic and I also managed to get onto the Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Informatics. Finally after one semester I dropped my study due to too much theory but almost no useful and required praxis. I started to work as a PHP programmer in Brno. After some time I found a new job as a programmer at btter company and I'd like to offer you my programming services. It will be quite cheap to use my services because I am not very expensive. The price depends on "project" (this means the program you want me to do etc.) and time spent on the project. I prefer PHP with MySQL database present on the system but I can program in other languages too. Among them: ASP (including the MS Access database connection & support - printing rows/adding rows/updating rows/deleting rows from tables etc.), JSP, Java Scripts, CSS (Cascading Styles), WAP pages and many others. These days I am also learning programming in C language under Linux (I am using the GCC command-line compiler under my secondary operating system, RedHat Linux 9) and I have already made an internet server as small as 10 kilobytes. I am also learning programming for IPv6 (IP address version 6; the most common IP address is IPv4 that is called IP address version 4 in the format of 4 dot separated byte-numbers [numbers from 0 to 255], eg. [for localhost, not a real internet address, means this computer] etc.). Recently I learned how to write Apache 2.0 modules as well as PHP extensions for Linux/Un*x like systems - but this would need your own server or at least server you can administrate yourself with the root privileges. I would like to learn Java but it is slow and I don't need it to my work so I am not learning it yet. But if Java will be necessary I will learn it as soon as possible.

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