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About me

"Do not boast of what you can, let rather others say your good deeds than you yourself."
Czech quotation translated into English

Who am I? What is my name? Certainly you would like to ask me these questions. So let me introduce myself, my name is Michal Novotný and I am from the Czech Republic. I was born in Polička on October 9th, 1984, and now I live in the city of Brno although I used to live in Svitavy. I no longer attend any school and I work as a computer programmer in Brno. You might think that I am just sitting in front of my computer all the day and that I have no time for other things but you are not right. I like music, I am learning to play the guitar and also composing music on my computer. I also like listening to the music, mainly: Metallica, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nazareth, Guns n' Roses, Reef and many other bands. Novadays O like mainly rock and metal music, thus I am a keen visitor of a Brooklyn Rock Club in Brno, Czech Republic. I simply love that kind of music :) Music makes me relax like playing computer games did in the past. What do I like? I like programming, chatting, learning new information, partiing, also girls :-), friends to party with and many others. Please don't hesitate to ask me for more info about me if you are interested :-) I am also a poet and you can find a link to my poetry in the left menu. Some of my poems were written in English and then translated into the Czech.... Although I am very busy, I would be glad if you drop me a line (write me an e-mail) if you want...
Programming: I have started by learning QBasic about the end of year 1999. QBasic was rather bad because of was not able to compile to the executable file. Then I have "upgraded" to Borland Pascal 7.0 and this language used to suit all my requirements for some time because it was both much better and could create executable files. But this time I have updated to Microsoft Windows 95 and I needed programming tool like Pascal (using its syntax and semantics) for Windows. Lately, in February 2000, I have found a program called Borland Delphi. I didn't know Pascal that time so much to program object-oriented. Since the end of year 2000 I began learning Delphi because I had no time before. Then I have found that many languages are simple if a man can already program in one of them. Since the 1st January 2001 I've got the internet connection at home and I download some advanced codes for exploring its code/functionality from time to time... :-)

If you want to check my successes in the IT branch (programming) here you are:
17.4.2002 - First place in the district pool of the "expert work" in Svitavy, Czech Republic with work "Software for operation system and network administration"
29.3.2003 - Second place in the district pool of the programming competition in Svitavy, Czech Rep.
10.4.2003 - First place in the district pool of the "expert work" in Svitavy, Czech Rep. with work "School system of internet commerce"
13.5.2003 - First place in the regional pool of the "expert work" in Pardubice, Czech Rep. with work "School system of internet commerce". Few years ago I started learning C language as well as some advanced databases like MS SQL (using the Express Edition of MS SQL 2008) and partially Oracle. I wrote several MS SQL 2000 extended stored procedures which I use for certain purposes and also several database-logic enabled systems. There is quite a lot to tell so you may ask me if you want to :)