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You should never rate people by their outer beauty because their spiritual beauty is much more important.

The quotation above should tell you my opinion about love. That people's spiritual beauty and soulmates are more much more important than their physical look. Like the American philosopher and psychologist of the german origin, Erich Fromm, have written in his book "To have or to be". There are 2 kinds of love:

1) Physical love - people addicted to this kind of love usually loves the look of their partners. They usually say that understanding each other is not such an important thing like their look.

2) A true love - these people don't love only their partners look but they also love behaviour of partners, their character and the degree of understanding. Simply the love that should be but often it is not...

Now I'd like to write something about my topic - my photos. I know many people say that I am fool like it would be better not to give my pics on my site but I believe that belongs to this place... If you would like to write me an e-mail (eg. you opinion :-)) please refer to the contact page. And here are the photos: http://www.libimseti.cz/Mig (Czech site). Feel free to write me...